Harness the Power of E-commerce Machine Learning

SLI バイヤーエンジン™ の紹介

The SLI Buyer Engine™ is a cloud-based, artificial intelligence platform that powers all SLI apps. The Buyer Engine is constantly answering the question: What is this shopper most likely to buy right now?

SLI バイヤーエンジン™デモのリクエスト

Performance-Driven E-commerce Solutions

The SLI Buyer Engine™ continuously learns to improve the performance of all SLI apps and make their results more relevant. It delivers the competitive e-commerce machine learning advantage you need.

Diagram of e-commerce machine learning performance

A Smarter Machine for Artificial Intelligence in E-commerce

This means your e-commerce search, navigation, recommendations, mobile experience, merchandising tools
and user-generated SEO are all driven by the same patented technology,
designed to take your e-commerce website to the next level.


貴社が高級ファッションまたはハイテクに特化していても、SLI バイヤーエンジン™は小売りおよびB2B分野のあらゆる業界で実証済みのパフォーマンスを提供します。



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