eCommerce Personalization

Take Mind Reading to the Next Level

We all know the same search term doesn’t mean the same thing for every shopper. SLI Enhanced Search Personalization™ engine instantly and dynamically personalizes the e-commerce shopping experience for both your first-time visitors and loyal customers in real time. (We call it ESP for a reason.)

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Powered by the patented SLI Buyer Engine, SLI ESP™ adds contextual e-commerce personalization to the industry-leading and award-winning relevancy SLI is known for.

“Using SLI ESP, Footwear etc. was able to personalize and display products in real time, resulting in a 10% increase in revenue per visitor to personalized search and navigation pages. We also saw a 5% increase in conversion rate and average order value (AOV).”

– Mike Baranov, VP Online Operations, Footwear etc.

E-commerce Personalization for Every 1
Not all shoppers are the same and neither are all e-commerce personalization software solutions. Delight your customers and keep them returning with the shopping experience that’s as unique as they are.

Seamless Real-time Experience
SLI ESP dynamically personalizes results during the session to match shoppers’ needs in real time.

E-commerce Personalization Unique to Your Site
We custom-tailor this solution for your site based on what matters most to your shoppers.

Fast and Easy Implementation
A few lines of code on your product page is all it takes to get SLI ESP working for you.

Personalize Your SLI Applications
SLI ESP works with SLI Learning Search® and SLI Learning Navigation® to provide a personalized experience from the moment shoppers arrive on your site and every time they come back.


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E-commerce Personalization: Taking Mind Reading to the Next Level